Mirrored Jewelry Armoires

If you’re like most ladies, you have a collection of jewelry that is tied to your identity just as much as your clothes. Whether your claim to jewelry is a couple of necklaces and three pair of earrings or you have hundreds of pieces of jewelry, these precious accessories will sustain their attractiveness and maybe even last longer if stored properly. You can do what some women do: stash all your jewelry in a box and go through the same tedious routine of finding the exact jewelry you want each morning, but this does not do the physical state of your jewelry any good. And you could save the valuable time spent searching for the right jewelry combination every time you have to dress up. A better solution to this jumbled mess is using a jewelry armoire, and what better choice than a mirrored one?

Stylish, compact and well compartmentalized to accommodate different types and sizes of jewelry, a mirrored jewelry armoire makes sure that your jewelry is well kept, secured and within easy reach whenever you need it. Your mirrored armoire can be elaborate and out in the open for all to see and admire or it can be discreet and well hidden from prying eyes. It’s a piece of furniture that takes care of your jewelry organization like nothing else. Every little item goes into its own space and you can squeeze in as much jewelry as needed.

Why buying a mirrored jewelry armoire is a good idea
There are many benefits of owning a jewelry armoire, and more specifically, a mirrored one. Listed below are some of them.

armoire1. A mirrored jewelry armoire is not just another functional furniture unit in the bedroom; it’s also an ornamental one. As much as the armoire acts as storage furniture for your jewelry, it’s also aesthetically designed and could easily pass for an accent. What’s more, you can choose just how stylish you want the armoire to be or go for a simplistic, subtle design.

2. It is compact enough to fit even in small bedrooms.
Most people shy away from adding furniture in the bedroom because they just don’t have the space. But with a jewelry armoire, you’ll not be sacrificing a lot of floor space. In fact, when you go for any non-free-standing model, you won’t require any floor space for the armoire. And the free-standing models come in a compact design so they won’t eat up more space than is necessary.

3. It helps keep an uncluttered appearance in the bedroom.
Unlike large furniture which can make a room look congested, a jewelry armoire is quite small in size. Most full size, standing mirrored jewelry armoires are still far smaller than the average full size dresser, which should tell you that you won’t be having the out-of-control look that large furniture sometimes gives.

4. It brightens up the bedroom.
Thanks to the mirrored surface, your jewelry armoire will take the brightness in your bedroom up a few levels. Standing mirror jewelry armoires give the highest amount of brightness because of their larger glass surface. But even models with smaller mirror surfaces give a considerably amount of brightness.

5. They reflect light in the room. The mirrored part of the armoire reflects light back into the room and can improve the lighting in a bedroom that’s not so well lit. This works with both natural lighting and artificial lighting.

6. It will add depth to your bedroom. A jewelry armoire with a big mirror surface will add depth to the room. In small bedrooms, this can give the space the appearance of a much larger room.

classic armoie & Hooker Furniture7. It is well organized. You won’t need to organize the armoire any further. It comes fully compartmentalized and gives different storage spaces top cater to different jewelry.

8. Keeps all your jewelry well organized. If anyone has ever voiced their dismay at how utterly disorganized your jewelry is, get a mirrored armoire and prove them wrong. What a closet organizer does to clothes, the jewelry armoire does to the jewelry. There are tiny compartments, drawers, ring holders, earring holders, hooks, shelves, pouches and rails/rods that can hold every kind of jewelry.

9. The armoire is spacious enough to hold up to a hundred jewelry pieces or more. Large mirrored jewelry armoires can hold several hundred pieces of jewelry. But even the smallest of them will easily accommodate seventy or more different jewelry items.

10. The armoire protects you jewelry from scratches and tarnish. The interior of the armoire is specially designed to provide maximum protection against scratches, tarnish and discoloration which happens when the jewelry is not well stored.

Quick guide to the different types of mirrored jewelry armoires
Mirrored jewelry armoires can be categorized into four different types: free standing mirrored jewelry armoire, mirrored cabinet jewelry armoire, wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire and door mounted mirrored jewelry armoire.

Free standing mirrored jewelry armoire
This type features a mirror at the front and a hidden cabinet behind it. Looking at it from the front, one cannot tell that there is a cabinet attached to the mirror. The biggest advantage of owning a jewelry armoire in this design is that the mirror can become your grooming mirror, so you won’t feel the pressure to get a dresser or wardrobe with a full length mirror. Some free standing mirror armoires come with a swivel function, which makes it possible to tilt the mirror to the desired angle. Customize the tilt to provide a face-only reflection or to reflect the whole body.

Cabinet mirrored jewelry armoire
This design also takes the form of a cabinet but instead of having full mirror frontal, the mirror is attached to one part of the armoire, either on the sides or at the top. In addition to an open cabinet, this armoire also has drawers and hooks for holding your jewelry.

Wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire
As the name suggests, this type of mirrored armoire is supported against the wall. When you don’t have much floor space to talk about, this design is a wonderful choice as it does not use up any floor space. Indeed, you can place your dresser right beneath it and you won’t feel inconvenienced when using either of the furniture.

Door mounted mirrored jewelry armoire
This type has hooks that go over the door. Like the wall mounted armoire, the door mounted armoire comes in an excellent space saving design and is especially useful in really small bedrooms. Use the mirror for your grooming and open it up to keep or take jewelry. It’s as simple as that and yet a very effective jewelry organizer.

Which is the best mirrored jewelry armoire for you?
The designs of mirrored jewelry armoires vary greatly. As with many other furniture items, it is advisable to choose your armoire based on your needs. This means understanding your needs first before attempting to buy one. An armoire that works for you neighbor may not be right for you. Here is how to choose:

1. Let your needs guide you. Do you have lots of long necklaces? Or is your jewelry comprised mainly of earrings and rings? Do you have plenty of valuable designer pieces? Perhaps you own a lot of watches and scarves or ties.

Each of these types of jewelry calls for a different kind of storage space. For long necklaces, you’ll need plenty of open space where there are no hooks interfering, such as a long cabinet. If you have lots of rings and earrings, choose an armoire with plenty of ring and earring holders or at least sufficient space to hook them. Valuable jewelry requires lockable drawers where unauthorized persons can’t have access to them. For ties and scarves, a rod or rail provides sufficient space to hang them. They can also be folded and kept in drawers.

Apply the same analysis for all other jewelry you own. Think of where the jewelry needs to be kept and then go and buy an armoire that offers this kind of storage.

2. Ensure that the armoire is of the right size. If you have lots of jewelry, choose a full length mirrored armoire. If you’re not looking for such a big size, there are plenty of smaller sized jewelry armoires that will serve you well.

3. Check the quality of the lining. While many manufacturers keep the quality of the lining high, it won’t hurt to confirm before buying. Overall, a good lining is soft enough to prevent scratches, provides excellent cushioning for the jewelry and is anti-tarnish. Good material choices for the lining include velvet and rayon.

4. If you have jewelry you consider too valuable to lose, get one with a lockable drawers where this jewelry can go. Some models are fully lockable, so that all your jewelry stays safely locked away at all times.

A mirrored jewelry armoire keeps your jewelry well-organized and sheltered while adding style to the bedroom. Choose one to enjoy premium storage space for all types of jewelry and get a stylish mirror or your grooming purposes.