This site is a place for me to share some details about interesting projects I’ve been working on, new technology that I think looks interesting (and hopefully fun.)  Somewhere for me to document my learning of network automation and hopefully to help other network engineers keen to embrace the shift towards NetDevOps.



I’m a network and security specialist with over 20 years of experience,  I’m now focusing on public and private cloud initiatives, network automation, modernising WAN architecture and security around these domains.

Projects I have worked on include providing transit connectivity to AWS, integrating it into a DMVPN with Cisco CSR appliances and providing security within and through the VPC with Palo Alto firewalls.

Working as part of a team to define  architecture for private cloud data centres with Cumulus linux layer 3 fabrics, using both Openstack and VMWare NSX SDN overlays for compute, as well as direct host connectivity where necessary 

integrating Palo Alto virtual firewalls into  VMWare NSX and AWS

Working as part of a diverse cross team taskforce to define the security posture to enable a balance between business agility and acceptable risk.

I have a passion for  new technology and identifying & investigating technologies that could be beneficial to enabling business to operate more efficiently, most recently I have spent some time investigating SD-WAN, understanding different implementations and analysing differences
between key players in the market.

I maintain a technology radar and regularly attend conferences, evening meetup sessions and techtalks within the networking, security and cloud domains.

I’m looking to further my knowledge and skills in large scale cloud deployments and their architecture, to pursue the benefits of network automation and to learn and improve my programming skills.