I lie in my bed
But cannot go to sleep
I try to solve the problems of the world
Instead of counting sheep

There are tummies unfed
People living on the street
Abuse in homes
And the circle of life that is bittersweet

My family life
Floods my mind
Am I keeping afloat
Or falling further behind

Will I ever be good enough
Is debt free a possibility
Can the house clean itself
Is there time for family tranquility

Thoughts race in my mind
About the events of the day
Worry sets in
So I lie here and pray

May the world be unbalanced
With more love than hate
May justice be served
And we lift up instead of deflate

May my family enjoy
The time we share
Whether folding clothes
Or simply a picnic somewhere

So as I lie in my bed
Not yet asleep
I’m blessed for family and home
Say Amen and start counting sheep

– Carolyn Rose Stiles

Country Life


Country Life

Is the way to go

No hustle and bustle

Of the city show

Clear night skies

Nightly bonfires

Wide open land

And state fairs

Yes ma’am

Sweet ice tea

Hard work

And lots of trees

Swimming holes

Lightning bugs

Fresh crisp air

Maybe a whiskey jug

Country Life

Is the way to go

Breathe it in

And take it slow

-Carolyn Rose Stiles

“Life, Dreams, & Everything In-Between”

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I DID it!!! I have published my first book! Life, Dreams, & Everything In-Between is a collection of poems about all sorts of things: parenting my daughter, love, marriage, the wilderness, deep thinking, and so on. I am very proud of the paperback as I have some personal pictures in it, however the kindle version is does not include the pictures. It is now available for purchase through

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I love fries🍟!!! While I was pregnant, salty things (fries and soy sauce) were a huge craving of mine in the first trimester. My family doesn’t add salt into anything normally and if we do, it’s usually at least half of what any recipe calls for.

As I am still breastfeeding, those cravings sneak up every so often! So, I decided to try to make sweet potato fries and I am so glad that I did. These are amazing! Hope you and your family enjoys as much as mine did!

The above picture is with 2 Sweet Potatoes. Adjust for your family 🙂

Serves about 4


2 Sweet potatoes

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp sea salt (I personally barely use any but this amount will give you some taste if you wish)

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

2 Tablespoons olive oil

Preheat oven to 400° F (I use the convection setting)

Potato Prep: Wash your potatoes. Cut ends, and peel. Slice potatoes into about 3 inches long and 1/2 in width all around.

Seasoning Prep: mix your dry ingredients  (garlic powder, paprika, salt, and black pepper)

Put sliced potatoes in a bowl and pour the olive oil on them. Mix with your clean hands. Add the seasoning mix. Place fries on a lipped cookie sheet (as shown in picture). Cook from 15-18mins (depending on your oven and how done you prefer them)

Enjoy!!! My family did! Let me know what you think!?

mining geology

What a day! Very productive. Exchanged some dishes at Bed Bath & Beyond (or as my husband says Bed Beer & a Blond lol), went to CVS, played with my friends wedding flowers, did the dishes, took out trash, vacuumed, made a really good dinner, and got to spend it all with my babies. Pretty typical mom day right?!?! The plot of this day thickens though…

My poor Zues had an upset stomach, so I cleaned his barf up 3 times today. AND noticed later today that he was limping. I look at his back left paw, and part of his pad is missing?!?! We still don’t know how it happened. So we are keeping an eye on him per Vet orders. My poor furbaby…still lovable and pretty happy.

Worked on some flowers. Done by Sweet Pea & Roses (This is NOT finished product.) I’m so excited to be doing these flowers for my friend’s wedding. They are a great couple and my husband and I have known them for about 9 years!


(213) 897-3233So we went to switch out the dishes right…get back in the car to go to CVS. Hayden is in her car seat happy as can be. She smiles at me in the mirror. (We are truly blessed, she is such a happy baby). I park the car and, as always, follows me and fives great big smiles when I come up to her door. I unbulkle her and we head on in to CVS. The item that I needed was on the bottom self. So I equate down and sit Hayden on my let, grab what I need, and stand back upbto walk to the registers. On my way up there I notice a smell. Then I feel a bit of a…sqish…on my arm. I look down and I see poop everywhere…all on my arm, coming up from her diaper onto her back. I looked at her and said “did you poop in the car and just pretend that everything was fine?”. She starts laughing at me (she’s 11 months old). Everyone starts looking at me and smiling. They say how pretty she is and comment on her beautiful eyes. And I’m sitting here like, “you have them fooled, don’t you?” lol. I get to the car, change that nasty diaper of hers, then realize that I have no more back up clothes in her bag lol. My life…oh well, so I put her in the carseat and I start driving away. Then I look down at my leg and notice that there was poop on my leg too from sitting her on it lol. Tis life!

So we head home and I feed her. She falls asleep in my arms and then I wrap her up so she can nap…

When she woke up, I took her to her room to change her. Well apparently she was still waking up and she hadn’t peed yet, so mid change of the diaper, she pees everywhere!! In the bathtub we go!


Then we cleaned the house a bit before daddy got home and I made dinner (it was so good!)


My perfect Mom Life. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, vomit, poop, pee…it’s all worth it. Love my baby girl and my fur baby Zeus. I thank God for my family!

<3 Be inspired and then be the inspiring

<3 Always Smile


Photo by: Central Penn Rail Productions

Just bought tickets for Hayden’ s and my husband’s first train ride for Christmas!!! We got a sleeper room because…let me just say…our trip to Alabama this past year with a 6 month old was not fun lol. This way she can move around and we can sleep in the normal horizontal position 😴

We are going to IOWA 🌽🌽 I have family there. My mom’s mom, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I lived there for 7 years at  elementary school age. There isn’t much there but 🌽🐄🐖🐎🌽and🌽! But it’s always held a special place in my heart.

One of the best men in my life was in IA. My grandfather was an amazing man. Though he isn’t physically here, I talk to him all the time 🦆❤ (red bird is cardinal lol).

I am so excited for the trip and that it’s a train trip. Only been on one before  (for a long ride at least) and that was to Colorado (beautiful state 🏞)

Have you ever been on a train trip? Did you enjoy it? Where did you go?

<3 Be inspired and then be the inspiring

<3 Always Smile